Moonlight Kayak

We’ve coincided our night-time kayak activity with the full moon to give you a once in a lifetime experience. We’ll take a 2-3 hour kayak tour around the beautiful lake surrounded by mountains at Zahara de la Sierra. Then we’ll jump in to the lake to cool off under the moon and star-lit sky. No previous experience of kayaking is required.


Hike (Beginner)

On this 2-hour hike we will head in to the Sierra de la Nieves National Park where we will be surrounded by rivers, forests and the largest mountains in Western Andalusia. Our guide Miguel will share his in-depth knowledge about the plants and animals of the region. From there (weather permitting) we will get spectacular views of the African continent. A general level of fitness is required for this hike.


Let’s get wet as we traverse the Sima del Diablo gorge where we’ll combine hiking, climbing, swimming, and abseiling! This is the perfect all-round adventure activity and what better way to cool off in the hot summer sun! No experience of canyoning is needed but a general level of fitness is required. (Duration 4 hours)


Hike (Intermediate)

On this 4-hour hike, local guide and nature expert Miguel, will take us to one of the most unspoiled nature reserves in Andalusia. We’ll ascend to a height of 1750m where you’ll get to experience a completely different landscape to what you would expect to find in Andalusia. Weather permitting we’ll also get a great view of the Strait of Gibraltar and the Atlas Mountains in North Africa! A good level of fitness is required for this hike.

 Day-time Kayak

Let’s head to the beautiful lake at Zahara de la Sierra for a leisurely 2-hour kayak experience. The lake is surrounded by rugged mountains with great views of the white-washed village Zahara and it’s fortress on the hilltop. You can also cool off from the hot summer sun and take a dip in the lake. The water is the perfect temperature for swimming at this time of year!

Night-time Astronomy Tour

Let’s discover the secrets of the night’s sky with Miguel our local guide. We will take a short night hike around Ronda where Miguel will share his knowledge of the constellations and other interesting celestial points of reference. Thanks to low light pollution in Ronda you’ll get an unparalleled views of the stars. (Duration 1.5 hours)