Chasing Highs


After giving up alcohol in 2016, I immediately became aware of the lack of things to do that didn’t revolve around drinking in some shape or form. I was living in South Korea at the time, where just like Ireland where I grew up, drinking was a huge part of the culture. In 2018, I decided to head off on a journey of exploration. I had travelled a lot in the past, but, this time it was different. This time I was seeing life through the clear lens of lucidity. I sought out vast empty spaces, spending time in Mongolia and Siberia. After living in the busy metropolis of Seoul, for three years, this was just what I needed, silence. Towards the end of my trip, I stumbled across a quaint little Andalusian town called Ronda, in Southern Spain. It was there that I was inspired to create alcohol-free travel experiences. It was perfect. I could live surrounded by beautiful scenery, meet new people all the time and create something of my own, something that I was passionate about.

me summer 2.JPG

My mission is to show people that there is an awesome fulfilling life outside of alcohol and that there are others just like them. Adventure, spending time in nature and connecting with culture have been a huge part of my journey since changing my lifestyle. I’d love nothing more than to share this with others. And what better place to do it than this beautiful mountain paradise!

We Love Lucid is also about changing the collective perception about life without alcohol. The fact is that alcohol-free living motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Life becomes rich, vibrant and ultimately more rewarding. Our trips are geared towards those who have quit drinking, those who want a break from drinking and those who have just never had the taste for it. The focus is on creating positive experiences and not dwelling on the past. Trips this year are in Spain but the possibilities in the future are endless! Propel yourself into the unknown, discover your tribe and join the Alcohol-Free Travel Revolution today!