Spanish Cooking Class

Let’s have a blast in the kitchen and learn how to make some delectable Spanish grub. Expert local chefs at Ronda’s Golimbreo Cooking School will share their local knowledge of ingredients and dishes of the region. Once the cooking is over, we’ll all sit down together and get stuck in to our culinary creations.

Traditional Goat’s Cheese-making

Let’s learn how to make traditional handmade goat’s cheese using the milk of local Payoya goats. Payoya goats are indigenous to the region around Ronda and adapted to the mountain life and harsh weather. Their cheese is truly unique and bursting with flavour. You will even get some of your handmade cheese to take away with you!


Let’s go out with a bang on our last night in Ronda with an authentic Andalusian flamenco performance! Flamenco is a highly-charged and mesmerizing musical and dance performance from the region of Andalusia. It is the ultimate expression of Andalusian culture and an experience you are not likely to forget


Traditional Esparto Grass-weaving

Let’s discover one of Spain’s oldest handcrafts! Traditional grass-weaving has been used over the centuries to make anything from baskets to door mats and even weaponry. This process evolved from life in the hot and dry climate where locals improvised using the dried grass to make practical everyday objects. We’ll meet Francisco, one of the last real Esparto weavers in the region who will teach us this age-old craft.


Spanish Lesson

Ever thought it would be great to learn another language? Well now’s your chance. We’ll take the learning outdoors to a classroom-free, stress-free environment. You will learn how to introduce yourself and order at the restaurant. Then you’ll have the chance to practice when eating out in Ronda. Who knows? It could be the start of a new hobby!

Visit to traditional village -Zahara de la Sierra

You can’t visit Andalusia without taking a trip to one of it’s traditional white-washed hilltop villages! With it’s quaint little winding streets, beautiful architecture and awesome views, this is a photographer’s paradise. We’ll take a short hike to the top of the hill to the old Moorish watch tower where you’ll get 360 degree views of the region. After that we’ll have some homemade tapas in a local restaurant.

Traditional Bread-Making

Learn how to make bread from the region using a traditional wood-fired oven and a traditional fermentation process. We’ll get our aprons on and get stuck in as local expert baker Vicente shares his knowledge of bread-making. While our bread is cooking, our guide Miguel will take us for a walk around the village as we check out the awesome views! Then, we’ll head back to the bakery and try out a few varieties of bread with some local olive oil.